Confounded Face Emoji Classic Round Sticker


Get sticky with this Confounded Face Emoji Classic Round Sticker.


Put a smile on your face with this funny emoji sticker. This round sticker is available in a small or large size, matte or glossy finish and you can get either 6 or 20 stickers per sheet. They are printed in full and vibrant colors, scratch resistant with easy peel-and-stick back. About this emoji: On the verge of tears, this emoji has tightly closed eyes, and a quivering mouth. Also known as Quivering Mouth Emoji and Scrunched Face Emoji.

  • Large: 3″ diameter, 6 stickers per sheet
  • Small: 1.5″ diameter, 20 stickers per sheet
  • Printed on white acid-free paper
  • Vibrant full-color, full-bleed printing
  • Scratch-resistant front, easy peel-and-stick back
  • Available in a matte or glossy finish