Bride With Veil Emoji Large Tote Bag


Trendy Bride With Veil Emoji Large Tote Bag. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors.


Grab this trendy emoji tote bag before it’s gone! This versatile and durable emoji bag is available in 5 sizes and 4 colors.Β A fashionable accessory that makes a perfect gift!

About this emoji: A bride in traditional western wedding dress with a veil on her head. Also known as Marriage Emoji and Wedding Emoji.

Available styles:

  • Jumbo Tote, 14.5″l x 20″w; 7″ deep
  • Impulse Tote,Β 13.5″l x 18.5″w; 5.5″ deep
  • Grocery Tote,Β 15.5″l x 13″w; 7″ deep
  • Budget Tote,Β 15.75″l x 15.25″w
  • Tiny Tote,Β 11″l x 14.5″w; 4″ deep