Couple With Heart Emoji Keychain


Take your favorite emoji with you wherever you go with this cool Couple With Heart Emoji Keychain.


Never leave home without your favorite emoji. Attach your keys to this cute emoji keyring. Made of ultra-durable acrylic, UV resistant and waterproof. Customize the design by adding your own images or text.

About this emoji: A man and woman standing next to each other, smiling, with a pink love heart floating in the air between them. Also known as Loving Couple Emoji and Couple In Love Emoji.

Available styles:

  • Square, single-sided, 1.875″ x 1.875″
  • Square, double-sided, 1.875″ x 1.875″
  • Rectangle, single-sided, .5″ x 2.75″r
  • Rectangle, double-sided, .5″ x 2.75″r
  • Circle, single-sided, 2″ diameter
  • Circle, double-sided, 2″ diameter